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Travel Ideas

Staying at Deolo Cliff Eco Resort presents you with a lot of Trave options. You have a long list to choose from.

  • Deolo Hills

 Deolo Hill is one of the two hills that the town of Kalimpong  stands between.  Kalimpong is situated on a ridge connecting the  hills of Durpin and Deolo.  The hill is 1,704 metres (5,590 feet)  above msl and is the highest point of  Kalimpong town. The hill is  located north east of the town. Three water  reservoirs, two of  which serve as the primary drinking water source to the town are  present atop this hill. The town of Kalimpong, the surrounding  villages of Relli valley, Teesta River and its valleys all can be  viewed from this point.

  • Kalimpong Nursery

If you are flower loving then you must visit kalimpong. Kalimpong is famous as a great flower growing hub. It export flowers like Amaryllis, Lilies, Anthuriums, Roses, Gerbera, dahlias, gladiolas, Orchids and Cacti in large scale. It produces 80% of the total gladioli produced in India. There are numerous nurseries in Kalimpong, which excel in production of orchids. 


  • Sillery Gaon

 Sillery Gaon, a pristine Himalayan village nestled at an altitude of  6000 ft. is an ideal romantic escape. With only 25 families residing  in this picture-perfect destination, Sillery Gaon offers a  spectacular view of Mt. Kanchenjungha touching and its allied  peaks. The entire ambiance of the place is shrouded with  tranquility, only interrupted by the chirping of birds. The pine  trees admiring this serene village is nowadays being lovingly  called New Darjeeling nowadays. Sillery Gaon is located 96 km  from New Jalpaiguri via Kalimpong.


  • Jaldhaka River Valley

The river valley at Jaldhaka is situated at about 1500 ft above sea level on the shores of the Jaldhaka River that happens to be one of the major attractions of this valley. People visit this place for its natural beauty that offers ample opportunities for travellers to go for fishing and riverside picnic. The Jaldhaka River Valley is situated in the sub-division of Kalimpong in West Bengal and is also known for its hydroelectric power project located at a distance of 5 km from the centralised bazaar. 


  • Crockety House

 Crockety is a bungalow built by the British wool traders in 18th  century and is one of the many bungalows in the region  constructed during the British Regime. The uniqueness of this  bungalow is the exquisite architectural design and the  breathtaking surroundings. This old fashioned and charming house  stands in Kalimpong as a reminiscent of British period. Presently  this is open to public and attracts many tourists due to its  imposing appearance and beauty. The house, from which the  great Indian poet and Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore broadcasted his great work “Janmadin" on his birthday in All India Radio, is placed behind this Crockety Bungalow.


  • Zong Dong Palri Fo Brang Monastery

Zong Dog palri Fo-Brang Monastery is located on the top of Durpin Dara was built in the mid seventies and consecrated by the Dalai Lama belongs to the yellow hut sect of Lamas. This Gompa is finely decorated by impressive wall paintings with a rare three dimensional Mandala upstairs.



  • Kalimpong Roman Catholic Church

 The Catholic Church, the largest church in the Kalimpong area, is  a revered religious attraction. The church, built during the British  rule in 1890, is constructed under the supervision of the British  architect Hardy from Edinburgh. This church was open to public  for offering prayers in November 1891 after a religious  consecration. The architectural style of the church is the one  following the western style. 

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